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Do Not Let A White Collar Offense Destroy Your Reputation

White collar criminal charges can instantly undo the years you spend building your professional reputation. Whether you believe you are the target of an investigation or have been formally charged, it is vital that you act effectively to address this situation.

This type of criminal matter is difficult to handle without qualified assistance. For nearly two decades, I, attorney Frank Harper, have developed aggressive strategies to successfully combat serious charges for my clients throughout Pitt County and the surrounding area. I have the legal skill set you need to defend your personal and professional reputation.

Taking Swift Action To Challenge These Charges

I act promptly to advocate for my clients facing financial criminal matters that include:

  • Embezzlement and money laundering
  • Extortion
  • Wire fraud, mail fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Computer fraud, including identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Obtaining of property by false pretenses

It can take years to investigate allegations of white collar criminal charges. In addition, federal and state prosecutors pursue harsh penalties for financial crimes committed in North Carolina. As a result, law enforcement will not file charges based on a hunch. They may have compelling evidence ready to use against you.

When you hire my services, I use my extensive knowledge of the law and experience with complex legal procedures to confront these charges. I routinely defend clients facing white collar allegations in both federal and state court. I will examine all evidence provided and identify situations in which your constitutional rights were not respected.

I recognize that the consequences associated with an investigation, indictment or conviction are crippling. Having an arrest record or a conviction on your criminal record may result in your professional license becoming revoked or suspended, affecting your ability to work in your chosen field. If convicted, you may face lengthy incarceration and heavy fines.

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