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My practice can prepare you for a number of criminal defense situations such as:

  • Drug crimes, including possession, selling and trafficking from the misdemeanor to felony levels
  • Traffic violations, including speeding tickets
  • Violent crimes, including assault
  • Underage drinking and possession of alcohol
  • Other "student" crimes, including possession of false identification, larceny and shoplifting

Because a criminal record can cause devastating consequences on your personal and professional future, we can work to expunge an arrest or conviction from your criminal record.

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Hire me, and I can explain the law, the legal process and your legal options. We can devise a legal strategy that could get your charges dropped or limit your criminal penalties to the fullest extent possible.

As a Pitt County drug crime attorney and lawyer for criminal defense, I have helped hundreds of clients over the years. See my client testimonials.

To learn more about how I can help you, call me today 252-758-4257 or toll free at 877-290-6948. You may also reach me by e-mail.

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