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Exploring All Options When You Face A Felony Drug Charge

A felony drug conviction can create devastating consequences for a person of any age. A convicted person not only faces significant prison time and fines, but can also lose basic civil rights such as the right to vote.

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I am Attorney Frank Harper of Everett & Hite, L.L.P. I have spent years defending adults and minors against felony charges for heroin or cocaine possession, possession with intent to sell and deliver, drug trafficking, and other offenses.

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Don’t Let A Drug Charge Destroy Your Future

A felony drug conviction can not only result in fines and a prison sentence, but also keep you from holding certain jobs, discourage employers from hiring you gainfully and dissuade academic institutions from admitting you to graduate school. Many professional organizations simply won’t admit a felon.

As a felony drug charge lawyer, I have extensive experience finding legal solutions for clients accused of felony drug crimes, including:

  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Trafficking of controlled substances
  • Distribution of controlled substances
  • Conspiracy to possess, traffic or distribute controlled substances
  • Maintaining a dwelling used in possession, traffic or distribution of controlled substances
  • Possession with intent to sell controlled substances as part of a felony drug offense

Pursuing A Plea When It Is Necessary

I work to clear my clients of charges when possible. When court is inevitable, I can work with prosecutors to plead for lesser charges in exchange for acceptance of a plea agreement. I can also seek an expungement to decrease the chances employers will learn about your criminal record.

When applicable, I emphasize my clients’ positive attributes — including a lack of prior offenses or standing at school or in the community — in an attempt to limit the consequences of a conviction. With a skilled and experienced Greenville felony drug crime attorney at your side, you have a shot at preserving your freedom, good name and future prospects.

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