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Handling A Range Of Domestic Violence Charges

When police respond to domestic violence calls, someone is typically arrested if there are allegations of spousal abuse, sexual abuse or other types of household violence. During these situations, police do not ask many questions, and someone is taken to jail and charged with domestic violence criminal charges.

Accused Of Domestic Violence?

These types of charges can change your life immediately and forever. Whether it’s issuance of an order for protection or criminal charges, you need experienced legal representation to defend your rights.

If you or a loved one has been accused of domestic violence or you have a 50B protective restraining order filed against you — you need an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer in Greenville, North Carolina. Contact me, attorney Frank Harper, to schedule your free initial consultation.

Advocating For Men In Domestic Violence Matters

Domestic violence laws in North Carolina are cut and dry from the onset. A firm requirement — no one arrested on domestic violence assault charges can be released within 48 hours unless he or she is seen by a district court judge. If charged with this type of violent crime during a holiday or weekend, you could spend multiple days in jail.

Keep in mind, anything you say during a bond hearing can and will be used against you later. Regardless of the promises, or even coercion, staying quiet and doing nothing will benefit you best in the long run. You should only speak with a domestic violence defense attorney. Let the attorney explain the situation and tell your side of the story. Not only is he best suited to help with your release from jail, but he can make sure you do not negatively affect your case in the future.

My name is Frank Harper. I have extensive experience in representing men in domestic violence cases. Oftentimes, the man in a relationship is charged with the offense. Just because you are the man, does not mean you are the aggressor. Many of these situations involving assault or abuse arise from child custody and divorce disputes. I have the necessary experience and exposure to know how public defenders handle these types of cases. Protect your rights and be sure that you are given fair and competent representation.

Defending Women Charged With Domestic Violence

Women are charged with domestic violence, too. It can be in a criminal setting or a civil 50B setting. In some cases, the female was victimized but the assailant is the first to contact the police or magistrate to file charges. I will help protect your rights and present the facts of false accusations, blown out of proportion scenarios and/or self-defense, whenever applicable.

Understanding The Consequences Of 50B Protection Orders

The issuance of a domestic violence protective order against you may have serious consequences. You may be prevented from seeing your children and from returning to your home, and lose the privilege of carrying a firearm, and more.

You may be arrested and jailed, if you violate any of the provisions of a 50B protective order. The violation has lots of negative consequences and loss of privileges. You need an experienced attorney who knows how to negotiate the most favorable resolution of 50B protection orders.

Possible Defenses For This Charges

Call me, attorney Harper to defend the following criminal charges:

  • Physical violence
  • Domestic assault
  • Spousal abuse
  • Assault on a female
  • Sexual abuse
  • Communicating threats and harassing phone calls
  • Criminal trespass
  • A Chapter 50B hearing to establish a protective order
  • Alleged violations of a no-contact order, protective order or restraining order

Even if the accuser wishes to drop the charges, only the District Attorney’s office can dismiss them. It’s best if you or your loved one is prepared to defend your rights. I will consider all possible defenses, including issues of:

  • Self-defense
  • Fabrication

I Can Help — In Pitt County And Beyond

Call for a free legal consultation. When you hire me, I can explain the law, the legal process and your legal options. I can devise a legal strategy that could get your charges dropped or limit criminal penalties to the extent possible.

As a Pitt County domestic violence criminal defense attorney, I have the experience to help resolve these types of legal matters. See my client testimonials.

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