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Drug Trafficking Charges Require Skilled Representation

North Carolina state and federal courts can be harsh toward drug offenders, even first-timers and students.

Given this reality, you need an effective and experienced lawyer if you or someone you care about has been arrested for possession of an illegal drug with intent to sell or for transporting, distributing or selling a controlled substance.

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Understand The Penalties — Possession With Intent To Sell, Trafficking

If you are in possession with more than a small amount of a drug, there is a chance police will seek a charge of possession with intent to distribute. The accusation is not that you are a drug user, but that you are a dealer. This is a serious drug charge to combat.

The consequences are more severe for such crimes — lighter for marijuana, and heavier for “hard drugs” like cocaine. It is not uncommon for such charges to lead to fines and months or years in jail. In addition, there are lifelong penalties that students face when this charge appears on their criminal record.

Trafficking is a legal term that applies to a person who knowingly sells, manufactures, delivers, transports or possesses a certain amount of a drug, or conspires to do the same. Consider the following minimum penalty ranges for trafficking involving several pounds of marijuana, just a few ounces of heroin, and less than a half pound of cocaine or meth.

Marijuana 10-49 pounds 25-30 months in prison $5,000 fine
Heroin 4-13 grams 70-84 months in prison $50,000 fine
Cocaine 28-199 grams 35-42 months in prison $50,000 fine
Meth 28-199 grams 70-84 months in prison $50,000 fine

That adds up to two and a half years in prison for the marijuana offense, and up to seven years for the methamphetamine offense. Penalties increase dramatically for greater amounts, particularly the harder drugs.

The Sobering Reality: You Need An Experienced Lawyer

Hiring a competent and experienced drug trafficking lawyer like me, may help you:

  • Avoid prison time
  • Escape onerous fines
  • Prevent or expunge a damaging criminal record
  • Retain voting rights and other privileges by pleading down a felony drug charge

Representing Yourself Can Put Your Future At Risk. Get Professional Help Today.

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