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Fighting Speeding Tickets To Limit Points And Insurance Hikes

As any driver who has been ticketed for a traffic violation in North Carolina will attest, the Tar Heel State is serious about roadway discipline.

North Carolina Is Serious About Traffic Violations

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles assigns points against in-state motorists’ driver’s licenses for most traffic violations. If you acquire 12 or more points in a three-year period, it can suspend your driver’s license. Out-of-state drivers can face consequences in their home states beyond the ticket fine.

I am lawyer Frank Harper of Everett & Hite, L.L.P., in Greenville, North Carolina. I have extensive experience assisting both in-state and out-of-state motorists with fighting speeding tickets and other traffic tickets. To discuss your traffic violation case, call me at 252-758-4257 or toll free at 877-290-6948.

Driver’s License Points Can Quickly Add Up

It is easy to collect driver’s license points in North Carolina. Consider these examples of violations and their accompanying point totals:

  • Five points: Passing a school bus when stopped
  • Four points: Misdemeanor reckless driving, following too closely for conditions, illegal passing, driving on the wrong side of roadway, property damage, hit-and-run
  • Three points: Most speeding violations on public highways, failure to yield right of way, driving with an expired license, failure to obey traffic light, failure to stop for emergency personnel, lack of insurance
  • Two points: Most other moving violations
  • One point: Littering from a moving or parked vehicle

However, if you are caught speeding more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, you can lose your license on the spot.

Out-of-state motorists — particularly commercial truck drivers — have reason to fear a traffic ticket in Pitt County and elsewhere in North Carolina. If you cannot return for a court date, I can appear in your place, working to resolve your speeding ticket, reckless driving charge or other legal problem.

“Minor” Tickets May Have Serious Consequences

Traffic tickets that seem minor may have serious consequences. You could lose your privileges to drive. Moreover, just one point on your insurance subjects you to a rate increase of 25 percent. Some offenses create a rate increase of up to 340 percent. For a listing of points related to specific violations, see the NCDOI’s website.

Do not just pay the ticket without consulting an attorney.

Suspensions of driving privileges may result from convictions, not just point accumulations. For example, under some circumstances, two speeding tickets in one year can cause a suspension.

Make The Smart Choice To Work With A Lawyer. Contact Me Today.

I always attempt to minimize any insurance cost increase or license point increases and get charges reduced to violations that don’t carry as many points or carry no points at all.

Contact me, your Pitt County reckless driving lawyer, to learn how I can help you. Reach me online or by calling 252-758-4257 or 877-290-6948 toll free.