Underage Possession of Alcohol Defense Lawyer Serving Greenville Area

If you or your underage loved one lives in eastern North Carolina and has been cited for underage possession of alcohol, you still can take action to prevent a criminal conviction.

Paying the fine is not the best option. It is the same as admitting guilt and automatically results in a conviction. You need an attorney to fight your citation and clear your name.

Underage Possession in Pitt County?

I am attorney Frank Harper of Everett & Hite, L.L.P., in Greenville, North Carolina. I represent young people who have received citations for underage possession of alcohol, including those attending East Carolina University and Pitt Community College.

Underage Possession Consequences Can Be Reduced or Eliminated

The societal consequences of underage drinking in North Carolina are well-documented.

According to the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, underage drinkers in North Carolina were involved in 65 traffic fatalities and 2,700 nonfatal traffic injuries in 2007. The previous year, they reportedly committed 29,000 nonfatal violent crimes such as assault, rape and robbery, and 72,300 property crimes such as burglary, larceny and auto theft.

Whether you seek a defense for a simple possession citation or a more complicated scenario in which possession is one of several charges against you, my extensive experience representing young clients can work to your advantage. After discussing your situation, we can:

  • Challenge the circumstances of your citation or arrest
  • Argue for dismissal of your citation
  • Prevent a conviction by negotiating a deferred prosecution
  • Seek an expungement of a citation from your record

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