College Student Drug Crimes

Just because marijuana has been legalized in states such as Colorado and there have been movements for legalization in other states, that does not make it legal in North Carolina. Furthermore, it is still illegal under federal laws. Possession of marijuana and other serious drug charges can put a huge hold on your college education, future employment potential and entire career future. On almost every job application there are questions asking about your criminal record. A drug crime conviction will not look good to any employer.

If you are facing drug crimes and are a college student in East Carolina University, Pitt Community College or another school in the eastern North Carolina area, I can help you. I am attorney Frank Harper of Everett & Hite, L.L.P. I have extensive experience defending college students against all types of crimes. If you are being accused of a campus drug crime or other type of college drug crime, take action immediately.

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Student Drug Offenses in Eastern North Carolina Colleges

Whether you were at a party and the party was busted and you were caught with drugs or you are accused of prescription drug fraud, drug charges are very serious in North Carolina. As a college student you are likely considered an adult. You will not be tried as a juvenile, and are facing very serious fines, penalties and even jail time. This is serious.

I can help aggressively defend you against all types of drug crimes, including possession of marijuana, cocaine and other illicit drugs, distribution, trafficking of drugs, manufacturing of drugs as well as prescription drug crimes. Prescription drug crimes are on the rise and the penalties are just as serious if not more.

Talk to Me Immediately if You Have Been Charged

Time is of the essence when it comes to drug charges. Do not think that the prosecution is going to treat you any differently than any other defendant. You have too much on the line to try to "fix this" on your own. Contact me online today to talk to an aggressive and seasoned college student crime defense lawyer.