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College is a time for experimentation with ideas and behaviors, and for having fun. Sometimes, students make mistakes that put them at odds with the law.

I am attorney Frank Harper of Everett & Hite, L.L.P. I believe that every person deserves a solid defense when accused of a crime. If you are a student at East Carolina University, Pitt Community College or another school in eastern North Carolina, contact me by e-mail for a free and confidential consultation. I can also be reached at 252-758-4257 or toll free at 877-290-6948.

College Mistake? Reach Out to Me, a Student Crime Defense Lawyer.

A "youthful mistake" can lead to a criminal record, making future employment and higher education more difficult to attain. In my law practice, I attempt to limit the consequences of criminal offenses, including:

Don't Let a Student Arrest Ruin Your Future — Seek Expungement

An arrest or conviction for a crime can have serious implications for a young person's future. Employers, colleges and graduate schools perform background checks that can reveal a criminal conviction — or even an arrest for which charges were later dropped.

I have assisted young people by clearing them of charges or pleading for lesser charges with less serious penalties. When possible, I encourage my clients to pursue expungement charges or convictions from their criminal records.

Pitt County Student Criminal Defense Lawyer

For a consultation, contact me online or call 252-758-4257 or toll free at 877-290-6948.